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Nathan Digmann, CFP®

Financial Advisor | Advisors

Hailing from Marquette University with degrees in both finance and business economics, Nathan has spent his entire professional career at Wipfli Financial. Today, Nathan is a financial advisor for high-net-worth individuals, providing strategic consulting to help meet their personal and financial goals.

As a sports coach in his free time, Nathan Digmann brings that mindset to his work, coaching clients through all the emotions attached to their financial lives.

Nathan shifts into coach mode especially when his clients are transitioning out of their business — their life’s work. All of a sudden, a life plan is switched up. Goals change. Emotions come to the fore. And Nathan is there to guide them into the next chapter. He works with people in all stages of transition — from young professionals to business owners to young retirees, or families working through a transition.

His experience is informed heavily by the financial crisis of 2008 when he saw how deeply people were affected by the stress money caused. As an advisor, he thrives in taking that stress away by educating people to think differently about money. That is how he measures his impact — by whether clients are able to live their lives differently after working with him.

Nathan has a relaxed and genuine style that helps him connect with people. As a sports coach, he built a culture of success among his team members, and also implemented new gameplay and leadership strategies.

But the team he is most proud of is the one he works with at Wipfli. The Financial Life in Action planning experience helps clients bring their entire financial life together by collaboratively taking a deep dive to ensure they are making each of the necessary steps to help them achieve their goals. In sports and in life, Nathan leads with empathy and honesty, focusing on building long-lasting and trusting relationships.