Group of recruits waiting for a job interview Group of recruits waiting for a job interview


Be in the Business of Building Success Stories

Be in the Business of Building Success Stories

At Wipfli Financial, we see things differently. We’re a CPA-affiliated financial advisor, and our clients’ needs extend far beyond the confines of traditional financial planning and investment management.

As a financial advisory intern, you’ll play an important role in delivering the personalized service that lays the foundation for everything we do. All of our interns serve as integral members of our financial planning teams, and their responsibilities are specifically designed to accomplish the following:

  • Provide meaningful exposure to the financial advisory profession, the financial planning process and the overall client experience
  • Introduce a broad range of tasks and projects, extending the internship experience beyond the basics of financial planning and administrative functions
  • Prepare students to apply for an associate advisor position upon completion of their internship
  • Encourage professional development through direct and consistent coaching and feedback that enhances the overall learning process and fosters personal growth

What Do We Offer?

Our personalized approach is a theme that also translates into our company culture. We’re committed to supporting the personal and professional growth of our team members, while maintaining a positive, encouraging working environment. We recognize that our interns make a significant contribution to our advisory teams, and we pay competitively. We also recognize that as students, our interns may require additional flexibility in their work schedules, and we make every attempt to meet those needs.

Activate Your Career

Whether you are a recent graduate or a seasoned professional, we are always looking for exceptional people that our committed to our mission and core values.

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