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[Webinar] A mid-year outlook with Brad Long

We’re almost halfway through 2022 and it has been eventful first half in financial markets with war in Ukraine, continued elevated inflation levels and an increasingly hawkish Federal Reserve.

Access a recorded webinar for a discussion with Brad Long, Partner, Deputy Chief Investment Officer at Fiducient Advisors*.

In this Q&A session with Wipfli Financial’s Chief Investment Officer Rafia Hasan, you’ll hear Brad’s perspective on the following topics and more:

  • Federal reserve policy and the outlook for bond returns
  • Current inflation and supply chain concerns
  • Earnings expectations for second half 2022
  • Global growth slowdown or recession
  • Navigating elevated capital market volatility


  • Rafia Hasan, CFA, CFP®, Principal, Chief Investment Officer
  • Brad Long, CFA®, Partner, Deputy Chief Investment Officer at Fiducient Advisors

*Fiducient Advisors, LLC is an investment consulting firm engaged by Wipfli Financial to augment our base of financial- and investment-related information, and for the purposes of additional sophisticated analysis. Fiducient Advisors and Wipfli Financial are not affiliated.