Healthcare Professionals & Practices

Empowering your financial success so you can continue changing lives.

Empowering your financial success so you can continue changing lives.

Years of education, countless hours of residency work and long days spent analyzing charts and care plans — all in pursuit of better outcomes for your patients. You’re also standing at the precipice of a major turning point for the industry, as a whole. Demographic shifts and an ever-evolving regulatory climate bring urgency for more innovation, services and accessible, low-cost healthcare options.

We’re to help you rise to the challenge. As a fiduciary, CPA-affiliated investment advisory firm, we focus on combining complex financial, tax, investment and risk management services into a sophisticated, long-term approach — designed to help cover the full scope of our clients’ personal and professional needs. Led by a team of specialists with decades of multifaceted experience under their belts, we’re well-positioned to help practice owners, practitioners, hospitals and organizational leaders navigate and thrive in the new world of healthcare.

Physicians, Dentists & Practice Owners

Compared to previous generations, today’s healthcare professional faces unique trade-offs. You have the financial security of a stable career, coupled with high earning potential — but those advantages may be offset by sizable debt, late entry into the workforce and very little time to focus on your personal financial goals.

Whether you man your own practice or serve in a larger medical group, our advisory team will work with you to develop a comprehensive, multifaceted financial plan laser-focused on areas like debt and risk management, wealth accumulation, compensation planning and future business succession. Our mission is help you overcome these obstacles, so you can be confident in your financial future and focus on what’s most important to you: the success of your practice and the health of your patients.

Senior Living Centers

For providers, attracting and retaining a talented workforce can be vital to future growth through economic pressures and changing consumer demographics. A robust, well-structured retirement plan can help you keep the staff you need to provide your patients with a personalized, high-quality approach to care — and it can also position your business for future success.

From nonprofit care centers to private organizations, our advisors can design a cost-effective, sophisticated retirement plan that enables your employees to make smart saving decisions and achieve their post-working goals. Have an existing retirement plan in place? We’ll analyze your investment line-up, performance, fees and participant engagement rates — at no cost — to help ensure you’re getting the most out of your plan.

Hospitals & Integrated Delivery Systems

Quality of service, operational efficiencies, employee engagement — as the leader of your hospital or health system, you wear many different hats to achieve the best-possible results for a variety of stakeholders, whether it’s your patients, network or workforce.

We’re in your corner. Backed by years of experience serving institutions, retirement plans and nonprofit organizations, our CPA-based advisory team will work with you to develop a strategic, integrated plan that can address operational improvements, enhance your employee benefits program and support the long-term vision and mission of your organization.

Healthcare Solutions by Wipfli LLP

Legislative shifts, changing delivery models, cost considerations — monumental shifts are reshaping the healthcare space every day. To address these changes, while maintaining a stellar patient experience, it’s not enough to solely seek the expertise of a professional team. It’s critical that you choose a team who has been there before — who understands the challenges you face and can offer a breadth of solutions to help you surmount them, while reaching the next level of patient care.

Learn what Wipfli LLP can do for your health care practice, hospital or organization.