Nonprofits & Foundations

Expand your vision, grow with intention.

Expand your vision, grow with intention.

Your mission. It’s the reason you do what you do, and it’s something you need to safeguard. Your ability to serve your donors and your community, now and in the future, depends on the strength and viability of your team — the individuals who share your passion and dedication to doing good.

When you work with our experienced investment advisors, you’ll receive the support and competitive insight you need to manage your employees’ needs, while making sound decisions to help achieve your goals for giving back. It’s part of our duty to you — as a fiduciary, the only financial strategies and vehicles we’ll recommend are those based on your organization’s best interest, values, priorities and goals. Period.

Feel confident knowing you’re working with a team that’s solely dedicated to doing what’s best for you and the people who drive your mission forward.

Retirement Plan Services for Nonprofit Organizations

Build a better retirement for your nonprofit team. We believe that a compliant, competitive retirement plan should incorporate a few key elements, including sound, well-diversified investment options; personalized, ongoing education and resources for participants and plan sponsors; and the guidance of a credentialed, fiduciary advisor. Find out how we’ll design a retirement plan that works in the best interest of your employees and your company.

Strategic Philanthropy, Foundations & Charitable Giving

Philanthropy brings family members together and fosters a powerful culture of “giving back” — a legacy that, if managed appropriately, can stand the test of time. Whether you already have a family foundation in place, or you are just starting to engage the next generation in philanthropy, we can help you focus and structure your charitable efforts to ensure you are making the greatest impact possible.

Start with the Essentials

Forget the RFP process — focus your search on advisors that pass these three tests

The advisor is subject to the fiduciary standard of care.

The custodian of assets and the advisor are two separate entities.

The advisor does not receive compensation or incentive payments from fund managers to recommend investments.

Note that Wipfli and Wipfli Hewins, although affiliated companies, are separate entities. Wipfli Hewins provides investment management services under an Investment Advisory Agreement, and does not provide tax, accounting or legal advice, or recordkeeping/plan administrative services. Services offered by Wipfli will be provided under a separate engagement letter.