MyStoryboard - Interactive Financial Planning

Give life to your goals. Put the “what-ifs” to rest.

Imagine if you had the opportunity to rehearse the major turning points of your life before they happened. What if you could plan for the financial risks of decisions you haven’t even considered yet? How would those insights impact the path toward achieving your goals — or the choices you make every day?


Envision, stage and sketch out your next steps with MyStoryboard, our interactive financial planning platform designed to bring your future — your most sought-after ambitions and life’s unexpected surprises — to the forefront.

Experience a more powerful way to plan.

By pairing the power of technology with the experience of our advisory team, we’ll rehearse a range of life scenarios, evaluate the prospective trade-offs of planning risks and allow you to see the real-time, immediate impact of your decisions. We'll thoroughly assess the following areas and provide answers to your pressing financial questions:

Early Retirement
How will early retirement affect my current lifestyle?
Where will my money come from in retirement?
What if I spend more during retirement?
Business Succession
When is the best time to start succession planning?
How does the IRS value my business?
Will I still meet my retirement spending goals if I sell my business now?
Parent Care
What if my parent(s) experiences health issues?
Can we afford in-home care?
Is downsizing the most appropriate decision for our family?
Estate Planning
What are my assets, and how are they valued?
Who will make financial decisions on my behalf if I become incapacitated?
Where will my money go when I’m gone?

Plan, organize, breathe easy.

Use MyStoryboard to connect, track and adjust every facet of your financial life with ease.

MyStoryboard Client Portal
Aggregate it all.

Consolidate your personal financial information into MyStoryboard’s customized, accessible dashboard and gain a seamless view of your entire financial picture.

MyStoryboard Client Decision Center
Stay on track.

From your spending patterns to net worth, MyStoryboard will provide you with detailed, up-to-the-minute information about your financial plan, so you can see if you’re on target and adjust if needed.

MyStoryboard Client Vault
Keep documents secure.

Share documents with your advisory team, view reports and access educational resources that are essential to achieving your financial goals —directly from your account dashboard.

MyStoryboard is a product of eMoney Advisor, LLC ("eMoney"). Wipfli Financial is not affiliated with eMoney. Wipfli Financial offers this service to its clients as part of our investment management/financial planning services as prescribed by a written agreement between Wipfli Financial and its clients.