Buy-sell Agreement Reviews

Keep your company moving forward.

Fellow owners, successors, key employees, family members. Many people depend on the success and viability of your closely held business. A buy-sell agreement can be one of the most effective ways to protect the value of your company and ensure its successful continuation in the face of the unthinkable — particularly following the loss of an owner.

Have peace of mind in knowing that your most important asset is in capable hands and is protected against the unexpected.

Make sure your agreement measures up.

Already have an existing buy-sell agreement? Our team can help you ensure that the plan you’ve put in place will continue to meet your needs, now and in the future. When reviewing your agreement, we’ll address the following items:

  • Parties to the agreement – Are all owners covered under the plan?
  • Structure of the agreement – Does the current structure maximize the net-of-tax benefit of the plan? An improperly structured buy-sell agreement could result in millions of dollars lost to unnecessary taxes.
  • Triggering events – Why do the owners want to trigger a buy or sell transaction? Are all of these concerns covered under the agreement?
  • Valuation provisions – Have the owners kept up with the changing value of the company?
  • Payment terms – Under the current agreement, will the owners unduly impair the company when a fellow owner sells their shares?
  • Financing – Does the life insurance plan meet the current obligations? Should the owners consider another form of insurance? Does the plan address the risk of disability to an owner?

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