Policy Audit & Review (PAR) Process

Put your policy to the test. Get better coverage.

Do you, your company or one of your trusts own a cash value life insurance policy that is more than 10 years old? Does the policy hold a total insurance amount of more than $100,000?

If you answered “yes” to these questions, your policy may be due for a checkup — and that’s where our Policy Audit and Review (PAR) Process can come into play.

Simply having coverage isn’t enough.

Cash value life insurance is one of the most important elements of a sound, long-term financial plan; it can protect you, your business and your loved ones against the unexpected.

But the reality is that many people don’t manage or review their policies as often as they should — and that’s a mistake, because life insurance is one of the few consumer products that has actually declined in price over time. Plus, the number of cash value life insurance options has exploded in recent years, thanks to advances in technology and financial engineering.

The result?

Policyholders who “set and forget” their cash value life insurance assets may be missing out on valuable opportunities to enhance their coverage and boost their bottom line.

Par Process - How It Works
PAR Process - Step 1 - Interview
PAR Process - Step 2 - Data Gathering
PAR Process - Step 3 - Private Underwriting Risk Evaluation
PAR Process - Step 4 - Analysis
PAR Process - Step 5 - PAR Report

How can you benefit from the PAR Process?

We will review and gain an understanding of your existing policy, your financial needs and current situation, and what you can expect for pricing on alternative life insurance options.

Our team will compile these findings into one, easy-to-follow report, which will help you answer key questions like:

  • Can you reduce the cost of your existing policy to retain coverage?
  • Can you get more coverage for the same cost?
  • Is your current insurance provider financially stable?
  • Are the ownership and beneficiary arrangements appropriate?
  • Does your policy still meet your financial needs?

You will also receive a straightforward action plan for implementing the recommendations presented in the PAR Report.

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