Navigating the Path to Retirement

Impactful education and ongoing support solely designed with your participants’ needs in mind.

Impactful education and ongoing support solely designed with your participants’ needs in mind.

Retirement planning is an ongoing process that evolves as one’s life, goals and priorities change. It’s essential for your retirement plan program to incorporate ongoing education and resources to help your employees continue to make informed financial decisions, no matter what lies ahead.

We’re here to take one less worry off of your shoulders. From day one, we’ll offer proactive, in-depth services designed to support every employee — regardless of their age or stage in life — through all aspects of the retirement planning process.

What You Can Expect

Getting Started: Enrolling in the Plan

Your employees can expect personal, hands-on support from our integrated advisory team, from the day they enroll until they make their last contribution.

We provide hands-on support throughout the enrollment process for you and your employees with:

  • In-person, company-wide enrollment meetings hosted on-site at your business
  • One-on-one education with our advisory team to help employees set their goals, determine an appropriate risk tolerance, select a model portfolio and investment options, and designate a contribution limit
  • An advisor-led tutorial on iJoin, our interactive, online enrollment tool that allows employees to manage their accounts, at their convenience

Turning Knowledge into Action

This level of support extends far beyond the initial enrollment meeting. Our goal is to continue to empower participants through engaging education on the topics that matter most to their retirement goals, designed to enrich their lives outside of the workplace.

As part of our service suite, we’ve developed an extensive, engaging participant education program designed to build year-round engagement and encourage long-term financial goal-setting. The program and resources include:

  • Interactive videos focused on a range of financial and retirement planning topics
  • Annual, on-site workshops (hosted by our advisory team) that build off the video content and explore asset allocation, diversification and other financial planning and investment strategies
  • Quarterly newsletters and educational resources to keep participants updated on key elements of the plan
  • Digital and/or hard-copy participant statements and investment performance reports

Support Every Step of the Way

With our team, you can feel confident knowing that you’ll receive dedicated guidance through every step of the retirement plan process, from the implementation phase to ongoing management and maintenance.

We will proactively schedule regular, in-person meetings with you and your board to explore:

  • Successes, opportunities and recommendations for improvement (if needed)
  • Investment program performance and monitoring
  • The current level and quality of your investment choices
  • Employee satisfaction and participation statistics
  • Action planning for current and future plan updates

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