Creative Planning acquires Wipfli Financial Advisors

Wipfli and Creative Planning announced today that Creative Planning will acquire Wipfli’s wealth management and investment advisory services practice, Wipfli Financial Advisors.

Interactive planning

Imagine if you had the opportunity to rehearse the major turning points of your life before they happened.

Envision, stage and sketch out your next steps with MyStoryboard, our interactive financial planning platform designed to bring your future to the forefront.

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Business Solutions

Group of team members in retirement plan

Plans built in your best interest. Always.

Your people are the greatest assets to your business. Help them save for a secure financial future with a well-designed company retirement plan.

Whether you head up a small nonprofit or a large, multifaceted organization, we’re committed to creating a compliant, competitive and cost-effective plan that works in your employees’ best interests and benefits your business. As fiduciaries, we’ll provide you with the highest degree of client protection and care — a commitment you can continue to expect from us, now and in the future.

Efficient Design for All Plan Sizes

From world-class investment resources and management to convenient, onsite recordkeeping and third-party administration (TPA), our integrated plan advisory team is positioned to provide a full-spectrum benefits program optimized to meet the changing needs of your business and workforce. >

Empowering Participant Education & Sponsor Support

Play a role in preparing your workforce to achieve their personal and professional financial goals. We offer industry-leading educational resources and services designed to support every employee — regardless of their age or stage in life — through all aspects of the retirement planning process. >

Personal Fiduciary Service

The only motivations that guide the retirement plan programs we design are clients’ values, priorities and goals. Receive proactive, one-on-one guidance in managing your plan, coordinating compliance oversight and fulfilling your fiduciary responsibilities. >

Businessman looking out over his operations

Keep your company moving forward.

Your business is much more than a career; it’s your livelihood. The right life insurance strategy can be the solid foundation you need to secure your company’s future growth and success.

And once you do find the right strategy, our support won’t stop there. Our team of insurance consultants will continue to evaluate and adjust your coverage to meet your evolving needs, situation and goals over time. Gain peace of mind in knowing that your most important asset is in capable hands.

Buy-Sell Agreement Financing

Secure the successful continuation of your business in the face of the unthinkable. We’ll ensure your buy-sell agreement — and the insurance that finances it — is well-positioned to meet your needs. >

Company-Owned Life Insurance Plans

Protect the people that are crucial to your company’s current and future success. Explore coverage options and plans to fit your organizational needs and goals. >

Executive Benefit Plans

Gain a competitive edge with a sophisticated and robust executive benefit plan. We’ll help you design a solution that motivates and retains your top leadership, and sets your company apart. >

business owner and warehouse manager

Next-level insight to meet and exceed your growth goals.

The ambitious and passionate entrepreneur who is ready to scale and survive the start-up phase. The next generation of owners who are hoping to transform their beloved family business to grow through a changing future. Since 1999, we’ve partnered with Wipfli LLP to help businesses just like yours innovate and increase performance with meaningful solutions and a breadth of expertise.

Whether you’re facing an obstacle, grappling with industry-specific issues or planning for a major transition, we’ll work side by side with you and your leadership team to ensure your company is equipped to face challenges head on, and reach new levels of growth and success.

Physicians and Medical Practices

Growing your wealth without making your money work for you? Worried about succession planning and the future of your practice? Get the in-depth, objective advice you need to face your most complex challenges. >

Business Owner Planning

Preparing to leave the helm? Thinking about a potential sale, but lack the plan necessary to do so effectively? Our team will work with you to develop a sound, defined exit strategy that can ensure a smooth transition for both you and your successors. >

Consulting at Wipfli LLP

From technology to compliance to fraud and forensic risks, Wipfli Consulting helps businesses around the world overcome obstacles and evolve their products and teams through creative problem-solving and collaboration. Find out how we can help you. >

Personal & Family Solutions

Forty-something couple in wine country

Give life to your goals. Put the “what-ifs” to rest.

What’s the next chapter of your life story? Does it include a lengthy retirement bucket list? Pursuing the passion project you’ve always dreamed about — or selling your business? Perhaps it involves college graduation ceremonies for your children or the dedication of your legacy to the local community.

Everybody has aspirations for the future — and the inevitable uncertainties. Our mission is to uncover your ideal financial future and instill the confidence and clarity you need to make it a reality. It all starts with our in-depth, three-step financial planning approach.


First, you’ll get to know our advisory team through in-depth conversations about your values, priorities and goals. >


Next, you’ll rehearse future life scenarios and see the impact of your choices with MyStoryboard™, our real-time, interactive planning platform. >


Bring your financial, tax, insurance and investment solutions together into a seamless, long-term plan for the future. >

diverse group of financial planning and investment advisory professionals

We believe there’s a better way.

When it comes to investing, we don’t play the guessing game. Markets go up, and yes, markets go down. But amid periods of high and low volatility, we choose to remain steadfast to the tenets of our investment philosophy and keep our eyes focused on the long term — not the headlines.

That means we focus on the factors we can control. Taxes, fees and poor diversification can chip away at your investment returns. Far too many firms ignore the impact these factors can have on investment growth — but we don’t. As a CPA-affiliated financial advisor, tax efficiency has always been an integral component of our investment philosophy, which is designed to help our clients keep more of what they earn and maximize opportunities for the future. Experience investing made smart, efficient, focused.

What’s Our Philosophy?

We believe that your investment strategy should be as focused and sound as your financial plan. Discover the four, core principles we follow to provide our clients with a rewarding investment experience. >

The Minds Behind Our Method

Benefit from a time-tested, evidence-based investment approach that utilizes the research of three Nobel Prize winners in Economics. Find out how we put those findings to work for our clients. >

adult couple on wedding day

Protect what’s most important.

Your financial plan should account for more than just the tangible goals you’ve established for yourself and your family. It should also account for the unexpected — the events you can’t always imagine or predict.

From existing policy review to new policy acquisition, our team can help you choose competitive, cost-effective insurance strategies to protect your family against whatever curveballs life throws your way. Over time, we’ll continue to re-evaluate your needs to make sure your coverage is always consistent with your current situation.

The Policy Audit and Review (PAR) Process

Does your life insurance policy measure up? We’ll review and gain an understanding of your existing policy, your financial needs and current situation, plus what you can expect for pricing on alternative life insurance options. Start here. >

Life Insurance Trust Review

Irrevocable life insurance trusts (ILITs) have long been a strategy of choice for helping families build wealth that transcends generations. Our team can help ensure your ILIT is structured to provide the best-possible long-term results for beneficiaries. Learn more. >

Insurance Services

Find out how we can help you reach your goals, at every stage of your life and business. Explore our full suite of insurance solutions. >

two generations of family winery owners

Legacies built to last.

Your legacy represents decades of hard work and perseverance — a shared vision and mission for the future. And above all, it’s a valuable piece of family history that deserves the utmost care and protection.

Backed by the strength of our CPA affiliate Wipfli LLP, and in collaboration with them, we’re equipped to serve families with highly complex financial and tax planning needs spanning multiple generations, with world-class resources at our disposal. Benefit from a team that brings the knowledge, passion and background needed to help your family create a healthy, sustainable culture of wealth and prepare the next generation for future success.

Discover sophisticated strategies and solutions, specifically designed with your family office in mind. >