A CPA-based Philosophy

Who Are We?

At Wipfli Financial, we see things differently. We opened for business in 1999 with a mission to make objective, fiduciary-focused financial advice available to the everyday investor. Nearly two decades later, we’ve taken this mission across the country to help a range of clients feel confident in their financial future, from individual investors and families to small businesses and retirement plans.

It starts with a CPA-based service philosophy.

Joining forces with one of the nation's leading CPA firms has not only enabled us to further our mission — it has allowed our clients to benefit from full-spectrum advice that can solve their most pressing financial challenges. Instead of a static, one-size-fits-all strategy, we’re equipped to integrate their financial, tax, insurance and investment needs into a cohesive plan designed to make their long-term goals a reality.

By pairing the power of interactive planning technology with the knowledge and experience of our advisory team, we’re dedicated to helping our clients make the best possible decisions for their financial future, every stage of their lives.

Who We Help

Whether they’re preparing for life after their business or planning for retirement, we examine our clients’ entire financial picture and possess the broad experience necessary to provide custom solutions to the complexities they face.

Individuals and Families

Planning for Major Life Events

  • Contemplating or transitioning into retirement
  • Dealing with the loss of a spouse or parent
  • Navigating divorce
  • Expecting an inheritance or major windfall
  • Receiving an insurance settlement
  • Parents expecting a child

Business Owners, Professionals or Executives

Preparing for Changes

  • Planning for an eventual sale or transfer
  • Building an employee benefits program
  • Transitioning ownership to the next generation
  • Protecting against the potential loss of key stakeholders
  • Looking to maximize transferrable value

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