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[Webinar] A mid-year investment outlook with Liz Ann Sonders

By: Rafia Hasan


We’re halfway through 2021. What can you expect next? How will the market behave?

In this recorded Q&A discussion, Charles Schwab’s Chief Investment Strategist Liz Ann Sonders and Wipfli Financial’s Chief Investment Officer Rafia Hasan join together to review the changing economy, state of the financial markets, and inflation concerns, as well as what investors can do to position their portfolios to navigate this environment.

We covered a lot of big topics in our 45-minute webinar with Liz Ann. You’ll specifically hear her perspective on whether investors need to be concerned about inflation following the stimulus packages, proposed legislative effects on the market and some of today’s hot topics, including SPACs, cryptocurrency and meme stocks.

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Rafia Hasan, CFA, CFP®
Principal, Chief Investment Officer
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