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Tech forward. Advisor supported.

If you’ve been looking for a hands-on, tech-savvy approach to investing, look no further than Avid. This digital investing solution comes with the backing of an experienced and trusted financial advisory firm.

With Avid, you're empowered with direct access to modify your investment account online while still working with an advisor to plan and track your progress toward financial goals.

By working with an established advisory firm like Wipfli Financial, you gain access to our investment philosophy and models, based on research and discipline, along with an advisor to support you. In other words, you gain peace of mind knowing that a financial advisor is looking out for your best interests, but you still get the hands-on experience of working with and modifying your own account.

What you get with Avid

  • A streamlined account-opening process that’s entirely online
  • An interactive online questionnaire to help you determine your appropriate investment allocation
  • An easy-access, online portal for investment review 
  • Access to Wipfli Financial’s diversified mutual fund model portfolios, designed to meet various risk tolerances and investment objectives
  • Virtual meetings with your advisor, as needed
  • Self-assessed financial goals and projections
  • Rebalancing and tax-loss harvesting services

It’s time to gain confidence that you’re on track to reach your financial goals. Start your journey here or reach out to our advisory team to explore whether Avid is the right fit for you.

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